Develop Your Personal Power: They Say No, You Say Go!

Developing your personal power can be a tricky thing. You have to realize your potential, search inside yourself, and make efforts to use healthful practices to help strengthen your personal power. In this article, we’re going to walk you through some practices to help you develop your personal power and go despite what others think or say.

Don’t Waste Time and Energy on Complaining

We’re all guilty of complaining every now and again, but there’s a difference in complaining and problem-solving. To strengthen your personal power, you have to stop complaining and start problem-solving.
Everyone needs to vent when things get rough, but the key is how you’re venting. Don’t just gripe and moan, focusing on the problem. Instead, talk about what’s going on while actively searching for a solution. Focusing on the problem implies that you don’t have any power of the situation or your attitude.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are important in just about every area of your life. Refraining from speaking up for yourself and giving in to guilt trips gives the power to others. Hold on to that power for yourself. Rather than blaming others, recognize that you have control over yourself and the situation.
Establish both physical and emotional boundaries that allow you to keep control over the way you spend your time and with whom you spend said time.

Take Responsibility for Yourself and Your Feelings

Never let the behavior of another dictate how you feel. In saying and internalizing that someone else makes you feel a certain way, you’re giving them the power, rather than keeping it for yourself.
The key is to change how you view this. Other people will always try to make you feel a certain way, you have to make the conscious decision and the effort to not let them. You have the personal power over your emotions.


People often make the mistake of thinking forgiveness is for the other person; it’s not. By holding onto grudges and refusing to forgive others, you’re keeping yourself from moving on and punishing only yourself.

Practice forgiving others; you don’t have to forget the transgression, but you can let it go and move forward. Take that power back for yourself and practice forgiving more option.

Identify Your Values and Stick to Them

When you don’t identify your values, you run the risk of losing them and becoming a passenger in your own life when you should be in the driver’s seat. Without your values identified and held firmly intact, you run the risk of being easily led astray by others, jumping on board than their less than ideal suggestions.

Take back that power for yourself and stay living true to your values.

Focus Your Self-Worth on You, Without Outsider Influence

Too many people rely on outside sources for their self-worth. You and you alone are the source of your self-worth. It doesn’t matter what others think of your lifestyle, your decisions, or anything else involving you.

Live your life for yourself. Evaluate the merit of each and every piece of criticism you receive from others, but ultimately find your self-worth from within. Never let anyone else’s opinion determine your self-worth.

Developing and appreciating your personal power can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. It’s a crucial part to become the best version of you you can possibly be. You are capable of so much, are worth so much, and have the power to do whatever you set your mind to. Develop that personal power and hold onto it; it’ll help you get far in life.

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