Stop Saying No To All You Want From Life

We all want things in life and most of the time we’re the thing standing in our way. If you say no to everything you want in life, you won’t get anywhere. The more you stand in your own way the less likely you are to succeed.

In this article, we’re going to point out a few of the areas in your life where you might be saying no to the things you want, where you could be saying yes.

Career advances

Many people like to blame their coworkers, their boss, or their industry for their stagnation in their careers, but really, it’s just themselves. You’re the one keeping yourself from going that extra mile, taking on more responsibilities, and putting on a good face while doing it. You can’t grow complacent in your work and expect to move forward.

Romantic relationships

Everyone wants that great relationship, but too many people won’t put themselves out there to get it. You have to make the effort, go out, and actually meet people. Go on dates and take risks with new people. This is the only way that you can stop saying no to what you want in this area of your life.

Broadening your horizons

If you want to learn a new skill, stop standing in your way. Go out and find the information, learn how to do it, and practice it. Stop saying no to what you want out of life, push forward and actually do it. That’s the only way you’ll be where you want to be in your life.


Far too many people favor excuses when it comes to traveling how they want. They say they’d love to do this and that but have no money or no time. The key is you have to make the time and save the money. Stop spending your money on frivolous things and go after what you want.

Life advances

Most everyone wants to have a nice house, a nice career, and a happy family out of their lives, but few are willing to take the necessary risks to get it. Instead of saying yes to the new challenge, to trying new things, saving the money, etc., they say no to what they want in life and grow complacent.

How to stop this

If you want to stop saying no to all the things you want in life and start saying yes, you have to consciously make the effort. Analyze your life; what is it that you’re doing that could be keeping you from your goals? What opportunities have you passed up that could have led you down the right path?

Next, you have to consciously make the effort to fix your behavior. This step is far easier explained than done and many give up because of that. You have to focus on your behaviors and weigh every opportunity. You have to take risks and put yourself out there. Stop excepting the way life is and start pushing yourself further to better things.

Far too many people say no to what they want in life. They don’t realize that they, themselves, are the biggest obstacle standing in their way. Don’t be like that. Start making a conscious choice and deliberate effort today. It won’t be easy, but the effort is well worth it in the end. You are the only thing standing in your way and you’re the only one who can do anything about it.

We hope this article has inspired you to take a strong look at your life and your decisions and make the effort to stop standing in your own way and stop saying no to all the things you want from life.

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